Chinese-built PSVs to have ABB dry type transformers

China PSVAUGUST 7, 2013 — ABB is to supply China's Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd. with 24 dry-type propulsion transformers, for installation in 12 diesel-electric powered offshore platform supply vessels.

The 2,300 kVA 480-volt dry-type ABB propulsion transformers will be built at the company's Trasfor facilities. ABB acquired Trasfor Group, a leading manufacturer of dry-type transformers and inductors for low-voltage and medium-voltage applications, in 2011.

ABB notes that compact dry-type transformers offer high efficiency and reliability due to fewer moving parts, as well as lower noise levels and weight. They provide electrical propulsion systems with power, helping to reduce carbon emissions at sea, and also improve operational accuracy during critical maneuvers.

There is a growing demand for dry-type transformers, which use materials such as resin for insulation instead of oil, making them less flammable and reducing their environmental impact.

"ABB's oil-free dry-type transformers are a safe, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly technology, which makes them ideal for applications such as onboard ships, where space is limited," said Markus Heimbach, head of ABB's Transformers business, a part of the company's Power Products division. "These transformers also minimize noise levels and eliminate contamination and fire risks."

Located in the Fuzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd., founded in 1866, is the largest shipbuilding and ship-repair base in southeast China. It specializes in oceangoing vessels, marine engineering and ship repairs, and is a leading builder of offshore support vessels.

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