MAN Diesel & Turbo announces two new giant engines

MAN S90LJULY 2, 2013 — MAN Diesel & Turbo is responding to market developments pushing further optimization of the propulsion efficiency of large containerships. It has announced two significant additions to its engine program.

S90ME-C10.2 (left) and G95ME-C9.2

It says that these engines, the G95ME-C9.2 and S90ME-C10.2, are "among the largest and most powerful engines the company has ever released to the marine two-stroke market."

MAN Diesel & Turbo says that delivery time for engine drawings is two to four months after placing a firm order for the S90ME-C10.2 and nine to eleven months for the G95ME-C9.2. This means that the engines can be considered for projects currently in the planning stages.

Different alternatives for different layouts – in respect to design speed – can be achieved by the two engine types.

MAN Layout Diagram Container vessels UW

Figure 1: SMCR versus engine/propeller speed for propulsion of 13,000 to 14,000-teu container vessel at 23 knots

The S90ME-C9.2 can be made available from 72-84 rpm, that is, the layout diagram of the S90ME-C9.2 can be extended from the current L3-L4 speed of 76 rpm down to 72 rpm if so required for projects. This extension of the layout diagram requires no change to the S90ME-C9.2 basic engine design.

The S90ME-C10.2 is similar to the well-known S90ME-C9.2 in that all outline dimensions are identical, including footprints. Any design differences are related to the increase in the mean effective pressure, leading to modifications of the crankshaft journal bearing design and web thickness, and including an adaptive modification to the connecting rod. Minor differences in the size and number of, for instance, turbochargers and hydraulic pumps for the Hydraulic Power Supply (HPS) follow normal power/rpm output rules.

The main figures for the two engine types are shown in the table.

MAN table

Figure 2 shows savings in operating costs versus time for propulsion of 13,000 - 14,000 TEU container vessel at 23 knots.

MAN Op Costs Savings

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