New key personnel at WQIS

JUNE 25, 2013—waterwayWQIS, the largest U.S.-based underwriter of pollution liability insurance for the marine industry, insuring some 35,000 vessels, across every major waterway in the U.S. As a result, WQIS has earned the backing of 16 of the largest insurance companies in the United States. For a company with these credentials, it would be easy to settle into a routine.

“Just because we’re the market leader does not mean we can get comfortable in our position,” says WQIS CEO, Richard Hobbie. “We are always setting new goals for ourselves to be the ultimate resource for our clients. Behind the scenes is a dynamic, growing company, always striving to reach new levels of customer care and service.”

In the last few months, there has been an influx of talent to support the strength of WQIS, especially the underwriting and claims departments. New Senior Vice President, John Ryszetnyk along with new Vice President of Underwriting, John Moy have helped renew the passion that WQIS has for the marine pollution liability insurance industry. The departure of three former staff members made room for this fresh new talent, which has completely revitalized the organization.Rich Hobbie

“We were in a relative plateau,” admits Hobbie, “We were cruising when the departure of those members created this space to really motivate our company to reach above that plateau."

States Hobbie, "In the past months, we have vastly improved all departments, especially taking measures in our service to make sure that every single client is taken care of with a genuine human touch. Direct relationships are very important to us and to this type of business.”

WQIS CEO Richard Hobbie

WQIS has learned that even market leaders and pioneers need to stay dynamic and never get complacent. Shaking things up can break barriers for even the strongest organizations. The fresh perspectives gained, especially in underwriting and claims, has led to new and more efficient procedures, which has brought an even higher level of service.

“I think all companies in any industry can take page from this playbook,” says SVP John Ryszetnyk. “Fresh talent really helps breathe new life into even the most secure businesses. Getting comfortable is never a good thing for a company.”

WQIS has more exciting plans in the future as Ryan Puttick joins the team as the new Assistant Vice President of Claims after a nine-year run as the Claims Director at Charles Taylor P&I Management.

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