Schottel launches new generation of thrusters

SCHOTTEL SRP 4000JUNE 20, 2013 — Spay/Rhine, Germany, headquartered Schottel says a new generation of Schottel Rudderpropellers (SRP) and Twin Propellers (STP) is Compact, modular and performance-optimized.

Schottel SRP 4000

The thruster housing, e.g. has been optimized using CFD techniques and model tests and both the SRP and STP are available with a variety of reduction ratios to suit all common input speeds regardless of whether they are driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor.

Schottel says the thrusters are even more compact than the existing models and feature an independent, hydraulically operated multi-disc clutch, which not only engages and disengages the drive train from the thruster but also drives the hydraulic units of the thruster, making it practically self-contained and requiring only a minimum of mechanical and electrical interfacing.

SCHOTTEL STP 4000To improve the ease of maintenance and simplify the system as much as possible, the clutch is installed separately outside the gearbox and uses the same type of oil for operation and cooling as is used for lubrication of the thruster. No additional auxiliary units are needed to operate the clutch.

Schottel STP 4000

In addition to the hydraulically operated clutch, the new thruster generation features a hydraulically operated multidisc holding brake, which is used to block the propeller from turning during service and maintenance work.

Like the clutch, the brake is a separate system outside the upper gearbox and is fully self-contained, requiring no mechanical interface or auxiliary units outside the thruster.

Schottel offers a new hydraulic slipping clutch, which can be mounted on the upper gearbox instead of the standard clutch.

To sustain the ease of maintenance, the clutch comes in a separate housing which provides a power take-off for driving the hydraulic steering equipment. Thus the complete thruster is as self-contained as with the standard clutch.

In addition to the engaging and disengaging function of a standard clutch, the slipping clutch offers the possibility of controlling the propeller rpm from almost zero to the idle speed of the engine and is thus an ideal add-on for diesel direct-driven DP 2 vessels with fixed pitch propellers, double-ended ferries and tugboats using an engine with high idle speed.

The new thruster series offers a high commonality of parts throughout the different reduction ratios – resulting in enhanced spare parts availability.

Schottel says the new thruster generation is characterized by robustness, compactness, eco-friendliness and ease of maintenance, making ideal for any kind of offshore operation, tugs and ferries.

All thrusters are prepared for integration of the Schottel Condition Monitoring System S-COM which allows advanced maintenance planning.

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