MAN Diesel offers ABB HP tuning as two-stroke option

abb turbochargerAPRIL 29, 2012 — ABB Turbocharging high-pressure tuning (HPT), has been added to MAN Diesel & Turbo's two-stroke engine tuning options. HPT is a new engine tuning for part and low loads designed to fully leverage pressure ratio and turbocharger efficiency, two critical factors in a turbocharger that are often not used to their full potential.

HPT can be combined with a high-pressure, high-efficiency turbocharger such as the new A200-L

ABB says that HPT offers engine builders, shipowners, and operators financial benefits. Thanks to the reduction of extra hardware, says ABB, the customer's initial investment, first cost, is reduced. The elimination of moving parts and extra hardware also removes the corresponding service costs. Engines tuned with HPT are also fuel-efficient across the entire output range for low and part loads and reduce fuel consumption by 5 g compared to an engine with standard tuning. The potential fuel savings on a large container vessel with HPT can for example amount to several hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one year alone. HPT also offers very high operational flexibility and very high reliability at low investment cost. Effectively, HPT has great implications for customers interested in slow steaming.

"We are very pleased and flattered that MAN values this solution and wants to offer it to their own customers as one of their official engine tunings," said Axel Kettmann, Senior Vice President. "And we look forward to collaborating with MAN in the future to offer innovative solutions that respond directly to and improve our customers' situation. For example, a next logical step is to combine HPT with a high-pressure, high-efficiency turbocharger such as our new A200-L. Our customers have tested this solution, so we know for a fact that HPT is very effective on highly charged two-stroke engines. We expect this combination to generate truly exceptional technical and financial performance and to have a major impact on the marine industry."

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