Incat Crowther designs Brazil oilfield service vessels

ICAcrewboatAPRIL 11, 2013 — Incat Crowther has been awarded contracts to design two types of new fast oilfield service vessels for Arpoador Engenharia of Brazil. One is 36 m monohull crewboat that will meet the Petrobras type P2 specification and the second is a 48 m monohull fast supply vessel that will comply with the Petrobras type UT4000 specification.

36 m crewboat

The 36 m design has an aft main deck with 60.5 sq.m dedicated to a man-riding basket, and 28 sq.m for cargo. Forward of this is the passenger cabin with 60 seats in a mixture of forward-facing and booth styles. Ample luggage storage is also provided, along with a pair of heads. A bow loading platform is integrated into the design to facilitate passenger embarking and disembarking from offshore facilities. Stairs lead to the upper deck wheelhouse, and down to the hull where crew are accommodated in 5 cabins. Galley, mess and bathrooms are also to be fitted in the hulls.

The vessel will be fitted with three Caterpillar C32 main engines coupled to Doen DJ290 waterjets. The center engine will drive a 600 cu.m/hour fire pump. All main engines and generator sets are serviced by soft patches over.

The vessel will be capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots, with a fully loaded service speed of 17 knots.


ICAfastsupplyThe 48 m design —six of which are to be built — has an aft main deck providing 225 sq.m of cargo space. Another 33.4 sq.m cargo space is provided inside.

A lounge area with day head is provided, as is a bathroom and laundry. Below decks, 11 crew members are accommodated in six cabins. Aft of these are crew mess, galley and bathroom.

48 m fast supply vessel

The vessel will be powered by a four main engines. The vessel will be propelled by fixed-pitch propellers. Maneuverability will be enhanced by a pair of 150 hp bow thrusters. The vessel will have a service speed of 21 knots, with a top speed of 25 knots.



Length Overall:     36.0 m
Length Waterline:     33.0 m
Beam:     7.5 m
Draft Hull:     1.2 m
Depth:     3.5 m
Passengers:     60
Crew:     10
Deck Area:     28 sq.m
Deck Cargo:     50 t
Fuel:     15 000 liters
Fuel (cargo):     30 000 liters
Fresh Water:     5 800 liters
Fresh Water (cargo):     30 000 liters
Grey Water:     2 500 liters
Sullage:     1 250 liters
Service Speed:     17 knots
Maximum Speed:     25 knots
Main Engines:     3 x Caterpillar C32
Propulsion:     3 x Doen DJ290 Waterjets
Generators:     2 x 60ekW
Construction Material:     Marine Grade Aluminum
Flag:     Brazil
Class:     RINA


Length Overall:     48.0 m
Length Waterline:     46.1 m
Beam:     9.5 m
Draft Hull:     1.7 m
Draft Max:     2.2 m
Depth:     4.25 m
Crew:     11
Deck Area:     225 sq.m
Deck Cargo:     250 t
Fuel:     42 800 litres
Fresh Water:     10 300 liters
Fresh Water (cargo):     88 000 liters
Grey Water:     2 670 liters
Service Speed:     21 knots
Main Engines:     4 x TBA

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