Nigerian owner orders subsea IMR vessel at Havyard

havyardAPRIL 4, 2013 — Marine Platforms Ltd (MPL) of Nigeria has ordered a subsea IMR (intervention, maintenance and repair) vessel from Norway's Havyard.
The vessel will be Havyard Newbuilding No. 115 and is scheduled to be delivered in August 2014. The contract value is approx. NOK 600 million (about $103 million).
MPL is a new customer for Havyard and operates in a region where few Havyard vessels have previously operated. Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, its operations base is situated at Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT), Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone near Port Harcourt on the south coast of Nigeria and the company has a technical support office in Aberdeen, Scotland. Its services include deepwater completions and sub-sea solutions, Deepwater.

Since 2005 Havyard has developed a series of subsea vessel designs, including the Havyard 858 DSV "Seven Havila" which received a Support Vessel of the Year award in 2011.

The vessel just ordered by MPL will be the second vessel of Havyard 857 design that will be under construction at Havyard Group's shipyard in Norway. Last year, Forland Shipping signed the first contract for a Havyard 857.To be delivered in the fourth quarter this year, it was hired on a five year charter by  EMAS AMS in December last year.

"We believe that one of our strengths is to combine our knowledge and experience in designing and building advanced offshore vessels with being able to adapt to demanding specific requirements from our customers," says Arve Helsem Leine, design Manager of Havyard Design & Engineering in Fosnavåg, Norway. "When developing a new design, like the Havyard 857 we need to make sure it will fit the market's general needs for such a vessel and at the same time being flexible to adapt to customer's specific requirements. When we were approached by MPL they saw the Havyard 857 as a very good platform for their ideas and requirements and during the design process we were able to develop the specific vessel they had in mind.

The MPL Havyard 857 will have features that include an extended moon pool, larger offshore crane, extra auxiliary crane, bigger accommodations and more deck space.
The MPL vessel will be outfitted at Havyard Group's shipyard in Leirvik Norway.

"In Havyard we have a strong focus on delivering top quality products on time to our customers," says Geir Johan Bakke, CEO of Havyard Group. "From our shipyard in Leirvik we can deliver the best quality and the shortest delivery times. To achieve this we take control of the critical parts of the value chain from designing to testing and delivering the vessel. Our staff has top knowledge and we control and monitor every step of the process carefully. We have a continuously ongoing process improving our efficiency and reducing our cost to improve our competitiveness. Our success depends on the success and satisfaction of our customers and we have to give them best value for their money at all times. We are excited to have MPL as a customer and believe that, if we perform according to their and our own expectations this may be a prosperous and long term cooperation for both parties."

Taofik Adegbite, Owner and Chief Executive of MPL, says Havyard is one of the few Norwegian shipbuilders to take ownership of all the critical equipment of their vessels.

"This rare attribute allows for a one stop shop towards post yard equipment support," says Mr. Adegbite. "We have a long term business outlook and we see a yard whose strategies are aligned with ours therefore, creating a win-win long term relationship."

Facts about Havyard 857
Length: 113 m
Breadth: 22 m
Speed: 15 knots
Main deck area: 1200 m2
Mezzanine deck area: 225 m2
Offshore crane: 250 tonnes
Accommodations: 120 persons
Deadweight: 5,000 tonnes

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