VT Halter Marine launches T-AGS 66

Maur source ColtoncompanyyMARCH 27, 2013 — VT Halter Marine today hosted a christening ceremony for USNS Maury (T-AGS 66), which was launched yesterday at its Halter Moss Point shipyard.

In December 2009, VT Halter Marine was awarded a contract of approximately $87 million to build an enhanced version of the T-AGS 60 Class oceanographic survey ship for the U.S. Navy. Construction of T-AGS 66 began in September 2010; the keel laying ceremony was held in February 2011, and delivery from the shipbuilder is expected in January 2014. At approximately 350 feet (110 m), Maury will be 24 feet (7.3 m) longer than than the previous design.This modification is to accommodate a 300-square-foot (28 sq.m) moon pool for deployment and retrieval of autonomous underwater vehicles.

Designed to perform acoustic, biological, physical, and geophysical surveys, T-AGS 66 will provide the U.S. military with essential information on the ocean environment.

The ship's sponsor is the Honorable Lisa P. Jackson, former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who as Administrator focused much of her efforts on the BP oil spill that ravaged the Gulf Coast area.

T-AGS 66 is named in honor of Cmdr. Matthew Fontaine Maury, nicknamed "Pathfinder of the Seas," and also known as the "Father of Modern Oceanography." The vessel is 353 feet in length with an overall beam of 58 feet, and will be operating under the Military Sealift Command.
"We take great pride in our build history with the T-AGS 60 Class oceanographic vessels for the U.S. Navy. This vessel, the USNS Maury, is an enhanced version of the prior T-AGS. We are very pleased to host the christening ceremony for this impressive ship," said VT Halter Marine CEO Bill Skinner.

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