Three more Twin Axe crew suppliers on way to MCS

PamperoMARCH 22, 2013 — Damen Shipyards Group reports that three more Damen Twin Axe Fast Crew Suppliers are on their way from Damen Shipyards Singapore to Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd (MCS) and are expected to arrive in Europe in early May.

MCS Pampero (left) is about to be joined by three sisters

Based in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland, MCS ordered the three Twin Axe FCS 2610 just months after taking delivery of its first two catamarans. All of the vessels are deployed in supporting offshore wind farms and in maintenance activities.

MCS operates a 19-strong fleet of tugs and workboats internationally and already has several Damen vessels including Multi Cats and Shoalbusters. MCS has been active in the offshore wind market for many years but decided to enter the crew transfer market in 2011.

MCS CEO Dirk Kuijt, says: "The Damen product comes up trumps again. The revolutionary Twin Axe Catamaran design pierces smoothly through the waves, reducing slamming to a minimum which makes it very comfortable for the crew and passengers. With the usual high standard of Damen Shipyards' finishing, the FCS 2610 is proven to be very reliable and more than capable of doing the job it is designed and intended for."

The company's first Twin Axe FCS 2610, MCS Sirocco was delivered in June 2012 and the second, MCS Pampero, in December last year. The three new vessels, MCS Boreas, MCS Blue Norther and MCS Levanto are sister vessels to MCS Pampero.

Casper Vermeulen, Damen Sales Manager Europe, says: "MCS Pampero represents the 'Damen Standard' FCS 2610, with a larger wheelhouse and superstructure, providing more accommodation space than the first model. The MCS Pampero also has a wrap-around fender to improve impact absorption and this is now being retrofitted to the MCS Sirocco."

The Twin Axe design is a further development of Damen's pioneering and highly successful Sea Axe concept. The unique hull form gives unparalleled seakeeping behavior and means that the vessel can travel at full speed (26 knots), while still providing a safe and comfortable ride for the crew. The vessel can easily handle 2.5 m significant wave heights, without losing any performance and extensive tests have proven that the vessel reduces bow slamming entirely under certain conditions.

Although the vessel has been widely adopted by the offshore wind industry, it is suitable in multiple roles and provides a very stable platform for diving support for instance. It can easily be converted back into a FCS overnight. To meet demand for the Twin Axe FCS 2610 Damen builds them continuously for stock.

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