Eastern Shipbuilding launches ferry for New Brunswick


video_iconEastern Shipbuilding this month launched Grand Manan Adventure, an 82-vehicle ferry that it is building at its Panama City, Fla. shipyard under a $65 million contract from the Government of New Brunswick, Canada, awarded in March 2009.

Currently, two ferries operate between Blacks Harbour on the New Brunswick mainland  and Grand Manan Island. The Grand Manan, built in 1965, is nearing the end of its service life. It operates from late June to September. The Grand Manan V, built in 1990, operates all year.

The new ferry will operate year-round; the Grand Manan V will become the summer ferry. As a result, the daily vehicle capacity in the summer will increase to 1,000 from 630, and the daily vehicle capacity in the winter will increase to 640 from 480.

Set to enter service in May, the new ferry has the following dimensions:

Length Overall 85.5 m
Length DWL 79.3 m
Length B.P. 76.9 m
Beam (molded) 18.5 m
Depth 7.25 m
Draft (Design) 4.52 m
Passenger and Crew Maximum 380
Vehicle Capacity 80 AEU (Automobile Equivalent Unit), 10 Tractor Trailers

January 17, 2011

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