Dubai crew boat gets non-toxic antifouling system

Lady rashaFEBRUARY 21, 2012 — Netherlands based Maritime Technology Company Micanti BV has applied its patented non-toxic antifouling system on the crew vessel Lady Rasha in Dubai. Micanti's Thorn-D is an adhesive foil with fibers that creates a textured surface. Instead of killing marine growth the textured foil prevents it from attaching itself to the vessel's hull of a ship.

Lady Rasha is owned by GGM in Dubai and mainly operates in the Gulf.

Mr. Foad Al Ali, owner of GGM says "during two years of operation with a conventional antifouling, we lost 5 knots of speed. Since speed is crucial for our operations, we have choosen Thorn-D as an antifouling system since it has proven to be effective while moored and while sailing"

Dr. ir. Rick Breur, founder of Micanti, says he developed his patented non-toxic antifouling five years ago. The technology provides a physical barrier, in the shape of specific short , to prevent organisms such as mussels, barnacles and algae from settling.

"The basic thought behind Thorn-D is that a combination of prickliness and swaying of Thorn-D fibers makes the surface unattractive for organisms," says Dr. Breuer. "Multiple tests under various circumstances and in different locations around the world have been done and Thorn-D has proven to be effective every time."

Thorn D is a physical barrier to fouling that has an expected lifetime of at least 5 years. It is sold as an easy-to-apply self-adhesive. The foil is developed and produced together with Avery Dennison.

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