Visemar RO/RO to have complete MAN propulsion package

visemar 344FEBRUARY 14, 2013 – A RO/RO vessel ordered by Italian shipowner Visemar at the family owned Cantiere Navale Visentini shipyard, near Venice, will be powered by a complete MAN propulsion package featuring two 9L32/44CR medium-speed engines.

The 9L32/44CR engines each develop 5,040 kW at 750 rpm and are complemented by two Renk RSV 900C gearboxes and two Alpha CPP propellers. The engines will meet IMO Tier II regulations and are scheduled for delivery from MAN Diesel & Turbo's Augsburg, Germany, works in August 2013. The newbuilding is scheduled to follow in April 2014 and, with a "green passport" and green star certification, will be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly vessels in its class.

Visemar wanted a ship that delivered the best efficiency and fuel consumption in its class, and accordingly decided upon an entire MAN Diesel & Turbo package.

Sokrates Tolgos,Head of Cruise & Ferry Sales at MAN Diesel and Turbo, said: "This MAN propulsion system with common-rail engines gives the customer a perfectly synchronized, high-efficiency solution. The engines' common-rail fuel injection, with its high flexibility, is central to their meeting Tier II exhaust-gas requirements at the lowest possible fuel-consumption, especially in part load."

"Another important benefit is the engines' unmatched performance in terms of minimum smoke emissions, even with lower-quality fuels like HFO," noted Mr. Tolgos. "We are very pleased that Cantieri Navali Visentini and shipowner Visemar, two long-standing customers of MAN Diesel & Turbo, expressed their confidence in our company by asking us not only to supply the engines but, additionally this time, the complete propulsion package including MAN Alpha CP propellers."

MAN Diesel & Turbo optimized the propulsion system in close cooperation with the shipbuilder and Italian specialist NAOS Ship & Boat Design S.r.l..

The MAN Alpha CP propellers stem from the new HUB Mark 5 series, which – courtesy of a project-specific special propeller-blade design – deliver a very high propulsive efficiency, leading to substantial fuel-oil savings for the complete propulsion plant. Similarly, the Renk gearboxes work with very low friction, incurring fewer losses and a higher efficiency.

visemar 750

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