Car carriers to have electric drive RO/RO equipment

Stern quarter ramp with electric drive on PCCFEBRUARY 1, 2013 — MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has secured a contract to deliver electrically-driven RO/RO equipment for two new car carriers under construction at Shin-Kurushima's, Onishi Shipyard, in Japan. Each ship will be supplied with a stern ramp, a side ramp, six internal ramps, a ramp cover and hoistable car decks. The order is booked into Cargotec's 2012 fourth quarter order intake.

Stern quarter ramp with electric dive on car carrier

The first vessels with all-electrically-driven internal and external RO/RO outfits entered service in 2011, including Nissan's eco-friendly coastal car carrier, Nichioh Maru, which was also delivered by Shin-Kurushima.

Now, says Magnus Sjöberg, Sales Director for MacGregor RO/RO, electric drives are not new to the shipping industry, but "proven, mainstream technology with a solid history of operational reliability and performance."

One of their major advantages, he says, is the elimination of hydraulic oil leaks that cause pollution and cargo damage.

"An additional advantage is that they are easy to monitor and service," explains Mr. Sjöberg. "These new vessels will be fitted with a touch-screen monitoring system for the electric drives, which has improved the commissioning process of each of the drive units because of its user-friendly interface and flexibility."

The monitoring system will provide a continual data stream and equipment status updates. It has been optimized for future developments and is ready for external integration into other ship management safety systems.

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