Damen introduces deepwater AHTS design

DAMEN AHTS 340JANUARY 30, 2012 — Damen Shipyards Group has introduces the latest addition to the Damen Offshore Series. Its newly designed Damen AHTS 200 is a versatile deepwater anchor handling tug supply vessel able to operate in water depths in excess of 3,000 m.

Looking to increase its market share in the offshore sector, Damen is investing heavily in designing state of the art vessels for several offshore markets, notably the offshore support, offshore wind, (seismic) research and transport and installation.

The latest addition to the company's offshore line up, the AHTS 200, follows theDamen design philosophy, featuring values like safety, functionality, standardization, modularisation, ease of maintenance and overall quality. An extensive research analysis was executed on hull optimization, sea keeping qualities, noise and vibration reduction, fuel oil consumption reduction, changing rules and regulations and client-needs and  lessons-learned from other Damen designs.

DAMEN AHTS WINCH 340Though the AHTS market has traditionally been dominated by low pressure hydraulic winches, Damen teamed with Huisman Equipment to develop an innovative, electrically driven winch arrangement that has had a major impact on setting the overall dimensions and layout of the vessel. Damen says the electrically-driven winches provide a clean, green, economical, functional and safe solution for the anticipated operations.

The vessel is suited to generate 200-250 t Bollard Pull and is fitted with engines in a father-son layout, featuring twin-in single-out gearboxes driving CP propellers in a nozzle. High performance flap-type rudders fitted to rotary vane steering gears facilitate a high degree of maneuverability supported by ample side thrust capacity, including tunnel thrusters as well as retractable thrusters in the fore and aft ship.

Forward of the winches ample space has been reserved for the fitting of a high-end ROV system with the possibility of launching through a side door. The high beam AHTS could serve as a suitable platform for mounting a subsea construction crane. The design can easily be upgraded with dedicated anti-heeling systems, moon pools and sophisticated diving systems.

The comfortable accommodations can house up to 45 persons in single and double cabins fitted according to the Damen Business or Executive Line comprising modern and durable materials. Special attention has been paid to providin natural lighting through maximum-sized windows. State-of-the-art infotainment systems, offering multiple levels of data communication, support the functionality and comfort of the vessel.

Although driven by its standardization philosophy Damen offers ample opportunities to include owner’s standards and component choices for maximal support of their operations. The vessel is designed following an extensive DNV-class notation, although other class societies may be considered as well.

Length OA 89.10 m
Beam mld. 22.00 m
Summer draft 7.00 m
Speed 15.5 kn (@ summer draught)
Propulsion power 2 x 3,840 kW + 2 x 2,880 kW
Side thrusters (tunnel) 2 x 900 kW
Side thrusters (retractable) 2 x 900 kW
Deadweight 3200 ton
Deck area 670 sq.m
Bollard pull 200 ton


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