Damen delivers Stan Tug to Norwegian shipbuilder

Damen SimakJANUARY 23, 2013 — Less than two months after opening its office in Stavanger, Norway, Damen Shipyards has delivered a Stan Tug 1004 to shipbuilder Simek AS in Flekkefjord.

"The tug's delivery positively kicks of the new year," said Remko Hottentot of Damen Shipyards Stavanger.

"Damen's Stan Tug is just the tug we need, a proven design with a touch more towing power than the small boats we currently use," said Simek director Øyvind Iversen. "It will be deployed on our own shipyard to tow around large hulls. Should operational assistance be required in the nearby fjords, we may put it to use there as well."

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