DFDS in RO/RO negotiations with P+S Werften

DFDS Peenewerft RO ROJANUARY 3, 2013 — Danish operator DFDS says that it "can confirm that negotiations between DFDS and the German shipyard P+S Werften GmbH, Stralsund, concerning the construction of two freight ships (ro-ro) are ongoing. The offered price of the two newbuildings is EUR 84 million."

DFDS says "the newbuilding contracts have yet to be finalized and, if signed, will moreover be subject to a number of conditions. More information will be released once all conditions for the contracts have been met."

The shipbuilder filed for insolvency August 29, 2012 and DFDS canceled the original orders for the ships the following month, saying citing "the shipyard's breach of several terms of the contracts." (See earlier story)

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