BM-001 motion compensation platform unveiled

BM-PRDECEMBER 17, 2012 — Barge Master BV, Schiedam, the Netherlands, has introduced the Barge Master BM-001, a motion compensation platform designed to make offshore installation work safer, and more efficient.

The 700 metric ton system is the first full size functioning version of the Barge Master. At a launch event earlier this month, a series of successful tests included the compensation of a 700 metric ton payload and a LR1250 crane, marking the moment at which the Barge Master becomes a commercial product available for purchase or hire.

Speakers at the launch event included company director Martijn Koppert, Chairman of the supervisory board and former CEO of Mammoet Frans van Seumeren, and president of Marin research institute Bas Buchner. Immediately following the speeches the guests witnessed the official christening of the BM-001 by Mrs Claudia Koppert and Mrs Marike Bakker, wives of Barge Master Directors Martijn Koppert and Jan-Paul van den Bos.  

Barge Master says it offers the solution to the age-old problem of vessel motions during offshore installation work. By measuring the heave, roll and pitch, and by controlling the counteractive motion of the actuators, the platform is kept in an earth fixed steady position. The remaining degrees of freedom are compensated by restraining two translations (surge & sway) and one rotation (yaw) of the vessel, by using a dynamic positioning or a traditional mooring system.

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