VT Halter Marine launches Bouchard ATB tug

Launch of ATB tug M/V Evening Breeze Launch of ATB tug M/V Evening Breeze

NOVEMBER 8, 2018 — Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc., Melville, NY, reports that the ATB tug M/V Evening Breeze was launched Wednesday, November 7 at VT Halter Marine, Inc.'s Pascagoula, MS, shipyard.

The launch of the M/V Evening Breeze marks a milestone achievement in Bouchard’s most recent expansion efforts; with the launch of sister ATB tug M/V Evening Stroll not far behind.

Bouchard says that its Safety First philosophy remains at the forefront of its operation, and is powerfully supported by VT Halter Marine's ability to help advance thefleet with the most innovative technologies. It adds that it is dedicated to offering a safe work environment for its crew and a reliable service to its customers, and will continue its 100 year old tradition of always building the finest and most advanced tugs and barges in the industry.

The M/V Evening Breeze is a 4,000 hp twin screw ATB tug classed by ABS as Maltese Cross, A1 Ocean Towing, Dual Mode ATB, USCG Subchapter M, SOLAS, meeting U.S. EPA-Tier 4 requirements, and equipped with an Intercon Coupler System.

The ATB tug M/V Evening Breeze will be paired with the B. No. 252, which is currently under construction at Bollinger Shipyards. The B. No. 252 measures 317 feet by 70 feet by 28 feet, will have a 55,000 barrel capacity, and be used to transport liquid petroleum products throughout the Jones Act Market.

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