Noske-Kaeser equipment chosen for Germany's K 130 corvette program

Noske-Kaeser equipment chosen for Germany's K 130 corvette program Lürssen Werft

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 — Germany has now ordered a further five K 130 Braunschweig class corvettes from a shipyard consortium led by Lürssen Werft and including ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards Kiel.

Lürssen Werft has commissioned Noske-Kaeser Maritime Solutions to deliver the ships' air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and fire extinguishing systems. The scope of delivery also includes the heating systems, the CBRN protection system and the CBRN warfare agent detection system. In addition to delivery of the individual components, the order also includes installation and commissioning.

nkverticalNoske-Kaeser was a supplier for Germany's prior batch of Braunschweig corvettes delivered between 2008 and 2013 and, to guarantee short delivery times and minimize logistical complexity, the technology it will supply for the latest corvettes will be substantially based on components installed in the first batch. The exceptions, it says, are "a few things that have become obsolete or require modification due to technical advancements."

Noske-Kaeser's supply will include its HyFEx fire extinguishing system. used in the engine rooms of the first batch of corvettes anon a large number of other naval ships. For refrigeration, a new technology is being employed in cooperation with ENGIE Refrigeration: For the water chillers, low-maintenance and specially low-noise magnetic-bearing compressors with virtually identical dimensions and fitting dimensions are being used.

Delivery of the first components is scheduled for 2019. Installation will then take place at the four shipyards involved in the consortium in Bremen, Kiel, Wolgast and Hamburg. After successful commissioning and testing, the new Corvettes will be delivered and put into service from 2022 onwards.

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