MAN power and propulsion packages picked for giant factory trawlers

Vessels will be largest purpose-built factory trawler newbuildings in more than 25 years Vessels will be largest purpose-built factory trawler newbuildings in more than 25 years

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 — MAN Energy Solutions is to supply the propulsion system for seven 109-meter Russian fishing vessels that will be the largest purpose-built factory trawler newbuildings in more than 25 years. Turkey's Tersan shipyard is to build the first vessel, which is set for delivery in July 2020, with the following six identical vessels being built in Russia.

Designed by Norway's Skipsteknisk, the vessels are being built for Russian Fishery Company (RFC), which is one of the largest Russian producers of wild whitefish and holds Russia's largest quota for pollock.

"Our track record within the fishing segment is very good but we are especially pleased to have won this noteworthy order as the trawlers will be the largest such vessels constructed in the past 25 years," says Lex Nijsen – Vice President, Head of Four-Stroke Marine at MAN Energy Solutions. "That the customer has chosen an MAN propulsion set-up to accompany its choice of main engine is particularly satisfying and fits well with our strategy of providing system solutions."

Technical set-up

The configuration of the newbuilding's propulsion system features an MAN 14V32/44CR main engine (delivering 8,120 kW), an MAN Alpha VBS 1260 propeller, a gearbox including power-take-off/power-take-home with startup converter, and two gensets (one MAN 9L21/31 plus one MAN 7L21/31).

Additionally, the propulsion system features many other innovations, including:

  • an advanced common-rail technology to achieve the highest possible flexibility and efficiency with the main-engine power of 8,120 kW. This does not compromise the extremely low fuel-oil consumption and maintains a green footprint
  • a high-torque workhorse with floating frequency onboard
  • operation using IFO (380 cSt) fuel for both main propulsion and auxiliary power generation
  • a four-bladed, 4.3-meter-diameter MAN Alpha VBS1260 propeller with Alpha High Thrust propeller nozzle class ICE 1A Super.
  • an Alphatronic 3000 propulsion-control system with unique features such as customised multiple combinator curves for both speed 1 and speed 2 including floating frequency for outstanding performance
  • an 850 kW PTI reverse-power mode for winch energy recovery that via PMS interfaces with the SaCoS engine system and Alphatronic 3000 system.
  • The complete package supply is specified to include MAN PrimeServ online service and crew training.

MAN Energy Solutions says that its equipment was chosen on account of its robustness and reliability, and that the power rating and performance of the 14V32/44CR main engine suited the vessels' operation profile well. Similarly, MAN's ability to tailor its MAN Alpha propeller to suit the vessels' operating profile was a huge plus.

With a capacity for operation in ice, the new vessels each provide accommodations for a crew of 139 and are designed to have catching and processing capacity for more than 400 tonnes of pollock or 350 tonnes of herring per day.

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