RO/RO is first ship with new J-ENG 10-cylinder, 50 cm bore engine

M/V Fujiki M/V Fujiki

JULY 26, 2018 — Delivered by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding to Japan's Fujitrans Corporation last month, the M/V Fujiki, RO/RO vessel is the first vessel to enter into service fitted with a Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) 10UEC50LSE-Eco-B1, its first 10 cylinder, 50 cm bore engine.

With a length of 167m and breadth of 30.2m, the 7,250 dwt Fujiki has a service speed of 23 knots and can carry 920 cars and 135 trailers.

J-ENG says that a RO/RO vessel requires an engine with a high output, high revolutions and limited height, due to engine room height limitations and that these demands are best met by an engine with relatively small bore size and a large number of cylinders. As the first 10 cylinder engine in the 50 cm bore class, the 10UEC50LSE-Eco-B1 meets these requirements.

J-ENG says that, as other engine builders have no comparable engine in their line-ups, an increase in RO/RO vessel applications of the 10UEC50LSE-Eco-B "is highly expected."

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) is the former Kobe Diesel which changed its corporate name following its acquisition of the marine engine business of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery division.

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