Van der Velden and MMG offer Energy Savings Package

Energy-saving-package CAD impressionSEPTEMBER 27, 2012 — Van der Velden Marine Systems, Krimpen aan de Lek, The Netherlands, has partnered with Germany's Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH (MMG) to offer an energy saving propulsion package. It combines the advantages of an optimized, highly efficient fixed pitch propeller with an asymmetric leading edge rudder with a propulsion bulb and adapted hub caps.

Working with the shipowner, the naval architect and/or the shipyard, front end engineering design (FEED) will exactly identify the needs according to the ship's operating profile and optimize the propeller rudder-arrangement depending on such criteria as fuel efficiency, maneuverability, minimization of cavitation and vibration, and maintenance requirements. This results in an optimized propeller geometry and a slip stream adapted rudder geometry. A propulsion bulb, junction caps or boss cap fins are part of the solution.

The Energy Saving Package provides an efficient and fuel saving ART rudder, ensuring highly effective maneuverability. A special lay-out modifies the profile above and below the centerline of the propeller in such a way that the effects of the rotation of the propeller slipstream are countered. This expands the cavitation-free rudder angle and reduces drag (increasing speed or improving fuel consumption), while the well-designed propellers prevent tip cavitation.The Costa bulb, junction cap or boss cap fins prevent hub vortex losses and cavitation.

The new Energy Saving Package is currently available for fixed pitch propeller systems by MMG, in combination with Van der Velden full spade rudders. Both new design and retrofit are possible.

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