Cat extends parts warranty

cat marine power logoSEPTEMBER 25, 2012 — Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has announced that it has increased the warranty on Cat Brand Parts used in all marine applications from six months to one year. The warranty covers all parts used in Cat Marine Engines, Cat Marine Generator Sets, Cat Branded Marine Control Systems and Cat Branded Marine Transmissions. The extended coverage applies to all parts sold or utilized in service work on or after June 1, 2012. There will be no additional cost to customers for the extension of warranty protection.

Caterpillar says it implemented the new policy in response to customer feedback, industry trends and product quality trends. It says it is "very proud" of its product quality in the marine segment and "based on recent quality improvements is excited to extend the benefit of this improvement."

Caterpillar also notes that recent customer feedback indicates that more and more purchase decisions are based upon warranty and service support by engine manufacturers.

"Recognizing our leading position in the marine market, we felt the time was perfect to reinforce customer confidence in our marine product," commented P. Jaime Tetrault, Director of Product Support for Caterpillar Marine Power Systems. "We see a variety of warranty terms and conditions from our competition often adding complexity for our customers in doing an apples-to-apples comparison. At Caterpillar, we do not want to hide behind the small print in the warranty statement. We are proud of our parts quality and we are prepared to make a firm commitment to our customers that when you buy from our Caterpillar authorized distributors, we can guarantee you the best quality parts worldwide. To reinforce this message, we are proud to offer this warranty extension to our global customers who chose to use original Cat parts."

"The challenge in the aftermarket parts business today is in understanding the quality of the product being purchased and the conditions of the warranty offered by the seller. Caterpillar has no hidden conditions on our parts—when you buy an original Cat marine part, you now get a full year parts warranty under the same conditions as our previous six months warranty. We believe this is yet another advantage that sets Caterpillar apart from our competition," stated David Holt, Caterpillar Marine Parts Manager.

The new Caterpillar marine parts warranty is administered by Cat Distributors worldwide.

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