Decatur launches computer based maritime cyber security training

JULY 12 2018 — Dulles, VA, headquartered Decatur Marine Audit & Survey has launched a maritime cyber security computer based training (CBT) program that provides a comprehensive overview of cyber-security issues.

The training includes threats such as malware, network security, identity theft, risk management, and other common cyber-risks to inland maritime security.

Decatur Marine Audit & Survey is a USCG approved Third Party Organization, and along with its parent and affiliated companies, has performed more than 31,000 vessel and management audits, surveys, and inspections since 2013.

Decatur also regularly teaches safety and Subchapter M certification classes for tug and towboat operators and other inland mariners at locations across the United States

Decatur says that with cyber-attacks of all kinds being reported on a daily basis, it has become crystal clear that no one is immune from computer based security threats and that all towing vessel owners and operators need verified comprehensive training now on cyber-security issues, to mitigate their financial, operational, and legal risks.

Christian Mollitor, Managing Director of Decatur Marine notes, "Cyber-attacks have been identified as among the most serious emerging threats to the security of today's shipping industry. Over 40% of crew members have reportedly sailed on a vessel that has become infected with a virus or malware - and only one in eight crew members have received cyber-security training."

Decatur Marine's state-of-the-art maritime cyber security training contains important knowledge and familiarization on the best management practices for cyber-security, and will improve maritime safety and security, while helping to reduce risk to individuals, towing vessels, and companies alike.

Decatur says its Maritime Cyber Security CBT program includes ongoing evaluations, given through a series of questions. On successful completion of the training, a certificate is awarded.

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