Tier 3 MTU workboat engines available next year

Tier 3 MTU 4000AUGUST 30, 2012 — Tognum reports that its MTU Series 4000 Ironmen workboat engines are to be enhanced to comply with EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations.

The first of the new engines will be available in mid-2013. As with the current generation, the new Series 4000 engines will be available with 8, 12, or 16 cylinders for use in diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric propulsion systems or for powering on-board gensets.

Installed in diesel-mechanical systems, the Ironmen engines will be able to cover power requirements from 750 to 2,680 bhp (560 to 2,000 kW), while diesel-electric drives and marine gensets will deliver 650 to 2,000 kW power output.

No exhaust gas after treatment will be needed.

This latest version of the Ironmen engines is based on the current MTU Series 4000 M63 long-stroke engine, which meets EPA Tier 2, IMO Tier 2 and ZKR II emissions regulations.

The new generation Series 4000 M64 engine will be EPA Tier 3-compliant using only in-engine technology, including optimization of the common rail fuel injection system, turbocharging and combustion processes. Despite their very low emissions levels, says Tognum, the engines will offer high fuel efficiency and will have maintenance intervals of as long as 30,000 operating hours.

Equipped with all of the components needed for operation, such as pumps, coolers and filters, the Ironmen engines are convenient to install. In addition, on-engine resilient mounts reduce noise and vibration, thereby enhancing the comfort of the crew.

Typical workboat applications include tugs, offshore supply vessels, towboats and inland waterway vessels.

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