Compact LNG fuel tank solution completes test phase

LNG Brick LNG Brick © GTT

MARCH 7, 2018 — Responding to a need created by the rise in the use of LNG as a marine fuel, Paris headquartered GTT reports that it has completed the test phase of a cryogenic fuel tank solution that is both compact and easy to install.

Called the LNG Brick, the solution, comprising a Mark III membrane system, is delivered as a block ready to be installed into the ship structure.

LNG Brick provides LNG fuel tanks solutions for capacities ranging between 1,000 cu.m and 3,000 cu.m.

The LNG Brick tank can be constructed elsewhere than at the shipyard which will integrate it into an LNG fueled vessel.

GTT says the LNG Brick maintain a higher pressure than traditional membrane tanks. enabling an easier management of boil-off for small volumes.

The system has demonstrated satisfactory performance in tests carried out under cryogenic conditions on a prototype built by Dongsung FineTec, a Korean company that produces insulation panels used for GTT's technologies..

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT, declared: "We are pleased to be able to expand our range of membrane containment systems with this reliable, high performance solution. Given the current economic environment and LNG price levels, it seems to us to be an appropriate answer to address many of our customers' concerns".

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