Wärtsilä launches Eniram Mobile

MARCH 5, 2018 — Wärtsilä subsidiary Eniram has launched Eniram Mobile to offer decision making support in real time via mobile notifications. It has been developed in cooperation with Royal Caribbean Cruises to ensure that key personnel receive important information in a timely fashion, both onboard and shoreside.

The mobile notifications cover various operational aspects including safety, energy management and security. Decision makers get the latest information for speed over ground, trim, list, high wind and weather forecasts. The insights delivered via the mobile notifications are based on available vessel data and the analytical capabilities of the Eniram Insight Factory, which is at the center of Eniram's solutions.

"We've anxiously been waiting for this. We can now distribute the right data to the right people to take the right decisions at the right time," says Patrik Dahlgren, SVP, Global Marine Operations for Celebrity Cruises, a Royal Caribbean Cruises company. "The feedback has been unequivocally positive, even from the most senior captains."

Eniram has been delivering mobile notifications since 2017 for Royal Caribbean, and the service is now generally available and is being offered to all customer segments – cruise, ferry, LNG, container, bulker, and tanker – as part of other Eniram solutions.

"Now is the time for the industry to harness the benefits of situational awareness," says Eniram Managing Director Johan Backas. "Eniram Mobile offers an unprecedented level of transparency that not only leads to better decision making, but which also helps our customers develop their ways of working. It enables them to react fast on potential operational issues based on analytical insights."

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