Underwater insert repair keeps bulker out of dry dock

Insert South KoreaAUGUST 22, 2012 — Hydrex reports that its diver/technicians recently carried out a permanent insert repair on a 224-meter bulker at anchor in Busan, South-Korea.

The ship was being sold and the repair needed to be carried out before the sale could be finalized. Hydrex says the tight time window for the job presented no problem for the team. All Hydrex divers are trained to perform a wide range of operations within the shortest possible time frame without compromising the company's high standards.

A detailed underwater and on-board inspection revealed a stress related 120-mm crack in the ballast tank at the turn of the bilge.

A 300 mm x 350 mm plate was constructed and rounded to fit the exact shape of the hull.

The team then cut away the part of the bilge keel that was covering the damaged area.

Next a cofferdam was installed, allowing the divers to cut away an area around the crack in the ballast tank to the same dimension as the new insert. After preparing the edges of the hole the new plate was positioned and secured with a full penetration weld.

An independent ultrasonic tester then carried out the necessary measurements to make sure the welding was successful. The operation ended with modification of the bilge keel to the specifications of the BV surveyor in attendance who then approved the entire repair.

During the operation the new owners briefly came on board to check the repair. When they learned Hydrex was the company hired by the former owners to perform the repair, they left after only a quick inspection. Having worked with Hydrex before, they knew the insert would be carried out according to the highest quality standards.

The diver/technicians worked in shifts to make sure that the insert would be installed before the deadline. This allowed the old and new owners of the vessel to finalize the sale on schedule.

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