Research vessel renovation includes Valmet systems

Rauma Marine Constructions' renovation work includes extending length of vessel by seven meters Rauma Marine Constructions' renovation work includes extending length of vessel by seven meters SYKE RMC

JANUARY 2, 2018 — Espoo, Finland, headquartered Valmet is to upgrade the control and machinery monitoring systems of the nearly 30 year old research vessel Aranda to current standards.

Owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the ice-reinforced research vessel is undergoing a renovation project by Rauma Marine Constructions at its Rauma shipyard. As part of the renovation project, Aranda's length will be extended by seven meters to 66 meters, and research and laboratory facilities will also be added .
Valmet's delivery includes the upgrade of the Valmet DNA control and machinery monitoring system, training and commissioning.

The system is used to control and monitor the vessel's machinery and monitor alarms.

The order was placed by Telesilta Oy, a Finnish company responsible for integrating electrification and the machinery monitoring system with other systems on the vessel. Prior to this order, Telesilta and Valmet have closely cooperated on many ship projects. Automated vessels include the harbor icebreaker Ahto, connection ferry Otava and oil pollution control vessel Hylje. Currently, the two companies are carrying out a comprehensive project on the Molslinjen's RoPax vessel that under construction by Rauma Marine Constructions Oy.

"As renovation projects are often technically very challenging, we wanted to have a product that we know well for our system. Successful cooperation with Valmet and its earlier experience with the original system on the vessel were two main reasons in favor of choosing Valmet DNA," says Kari Laulajainen, Managing Director, Telesilta.

"Upgrading the control and machinery monitoring system increases the reliability of this advanced vessel. One of Valmet DNA system advantages is its easy upgradability to the latest technology," says Heikki Tanner, Sales Manager, Automation, Valmet.

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