New 27 m cat now in operation in Sydney Harbor

DECEMBER 14, 2017 — Australia's SeaLink Travel Group (ASX: SLK) recently took delivery of the Incat Crowther designed 27 m catamaran passenger ferry, Nancy Wake from the Aluminium Marine shipyard in Brisbane.

Now in operation in Sydney Harbor, Nancy Wake accommodates 198 passengers inside and 82 outside. The latest of four vessels of this design she incorporates Incat Crowther's innovative new generation propeller tunnel which reduces draft and offers a flat transom to integrate with standard fixed or active interceptor systems. Fuel consumption is also reduced.

The main deck features a large open aft deck, with three bathrooms. Large double doors lead to the main cabin, where 137 passengers are seated. There is a large kiosk / bar aft, and mid-ship boarding doors. Forward doors lead to a fully enclosed foredeck, offering operational flexibility.

Upstairs, the mid deck seats 61 inside and 36 outside. All exterior seats on this deck are protected from the sun by the deck overhead.

The roof deck seats 48.

The vessel is powered by a pair of Yanmar 6AYM-WGT main engines, each producing 670 kW that give it a 25 knots service speed at 85% MCR.