Optimarin is first BWTS manufacturer to offer five year guarantee

Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen says five year guarantee is "the icing on the cake" Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen says five year guarantee is "the icing on the cake"

NOVEMBER 20, 2017 — Sandnes, Norway, headquartered Optimarin says it has become the first ballast water treatment system (BWTS) manufacturer to offer a five-year parts and servicing guarantee.

CEO Tore Andersen says the move has the potential to redefine what shipowners expect from suppliers in the ultra-competitive sector.

Optimarin has a history of "firsts." It was the first firm to install a commercial system, back in 2000 on-board the cruise ship Princess Regal, and the first with a ballast water management system to attain full U.S. Coast Guard Type Approval.

The company now has more than 330 installed units worldwide, of which over 150 are retrofits, with more than 520 confirmed orders.

"We thought it was time to demonstrate our long-term faith in our system and absolute commitment to this segment," Andersen explains. "No other manufacturer offers a guarantee of this nature, but we can. So, if a shipowner signs a framework agreement with Optimarin for installation on multiple vessels, we will provide them with a five-year contract that covers all parts and servicing, worldwide. This is our promise of reliable, safe and effective operations, and, with our total regulatory compliance, complete peace of mind."

Optimarin's UV-based system is simple to maintain, with no moving parts, and easy to install on almost any vessel, thanks to its modular nature. In fact, just last month freight ferry operator Seatruck revealed its own crews had installed five systems themselves while its vessels were undertaking operations, with no need to dry-dock.

"That's the essence of Optimarin," Andersen comments, "we're here to make life as simple as possible for shipowners. And that's exactly what this guarantee offers."

"It also comes down to delivering the best value," he continues. "We know our system is significantly cheaper to design for vessels than competing technology. Similarly, due to its simplicity, there are minimal maintenance requirements, and it is considerably cheaper to install - full stop. We have fast track deliveries available for many sizes, meaning reduced waiting time, and we can't be beaten in terms of global compliance. As an all round proposition – taking into consideration reliability, simplicity, installation, track record, price and service - we believe we offer something no one else comes close to. The guarantee is, quite simply, 'the icing on the cake.' "

Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen says five year guarantee is "the icing on the cake"

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