Cat launches Three60 Pod 650 maneuvering system

The Cat Three60 Pod 650 for C8.7 powered yachts makes docking and maneuvering easy The Cat Three60 Pod 650 for C8.7 powered yachts makes docking and maneuvering easy

NOVEMBER 1, 2017 — ​Among the broad range of products Caterpillar is showcasing at this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) is the new Cat Three60 Pod 650 integrated marine maneuvering system.

Designed to be installed and coupled with Cat C8.7 E-Rated Marine Propulsion high-performance diesel engines, the Cat Three60 Pod 650 provides unmatched response and performance for full control and maneuvering of yachts in three operational modes: Leverhead Mode, Joystick Mode and Three60 Hold Mode.

During conventional operation, Leverhead Mode controls the engine rpm and pod transmission direction using lever control heads while the steering helm controls the pod vectoring directionally maneuvering the yacht.

Joystick Mode allows the operator to maneuver the yacht during docking or slow speed operation by controlling engine rpm, transmission direction and pod vectoring angles using intuitive fingertip movements of the joystick.

Finally, Three60 Hold Mode works in conjunction with a GPS antenna to maintain yacht position and heading without operator input.

"This is a great feature for Captains and/or owners who want to hold yacht position and heading without dropping an anchor or constantly maneuvering the yacht manually," said Bruce Strupp, engineering manager for Caterpillar Marine.

"The Three60 Pod 650 maneuvering system is remarkably easy to learn," continued Strupp. "It's as simple as a push, twist and go. The Three60 Pod 650 simultaneously actuates and controls engines, transmissions and pod thrust vectors with intuitive, easy fingertip movements. It instantaneously controls all aspects of vessel direction and speed while allowing for smooth shifting from forward to reverse with no noise or vibration due to integrated Twin Disc QuickShift technology. The QuickShift technology also allows for superior slow-speed yacht speed control down to 50 propeller RPM, enabling superior performance when navigating through tight, crowded waters."

He added that the Three60 Pod 650 oil can be changed while the yacht is still in the water, saving customers time and making oil changes less costly.

"The electrical and controls system is also very configurable," said Strupp. "We can offer a system configuration with a minimum of one or maximum of three helm stations and a minimum of one or maximum of six joystick stations."


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