Ugland newbuild PSV to have innovative propulsion system

Salt ship 100AUGUST 1, 2012 — A SALT 100 design PSV building at the Kleven Verft shipyard in Ulsteinvik, Norway, is to have a breakthrough propulsion system by Scana Industrier subsidiary Scana Propulsion. As we reported earlier, the 88.9 m x 20 m vessel has been ordered by Ugland Offshore and incorporates a number of new features.

Scana Propulsion has signed a contract with Kleven Maritime to supply aa counter-rotating propeller system (CRP) with two propellers driven by permanent-magnet motors that rotate independently of each other in the same shaft line. Reliability and fuel efficiency has been the philosophy of the concept, which has been developed in partnership with Salt Ship Design

"Scana sees the order as strategically very important," says Scana Propulsion Group director, Kristian Saetre. "Until now we have our strength in the market for anchor handling vessels. This new concept gives us an exciting foothold in the PSV market, and provides a significant increase in Scana's market potential for propulsion systems for the offshore market."

Scana says that direct-driven counter-rotating propellers with constant protection against external damage makes the system more efficient and reliable compared to a conventional system. The compact propulsion system enables a more efficient shape of the stern, and in total it gives significantly improved efficiency with lower consumption and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.

The delivery from Scana consists of propellers and engines and provides a total power of 4,000 kW. The contract includes an option to supply a system for a second system.

The order is one of a clutch of recent orders for Scana Propulsion worth a total NOK 40 million. They include a contract with Havyard Global Solutions for the supply of gear and propeller system with remote control for two standby vessels (Field Support Vessels) for Atlantic Offshore. The ships will be built at Zamakona Shipyards in Spain. (See earlier story).

The Scana equipment will be delivered in the second and third quarters of next year. The propulsion systems are diesel-mechanical and consists of two gear and propeller systems of the type ACG 62/680 two-speed gear. The contract with Havyard Global Solutions includes an option for system deliveries to two more vessels.

"This is an ideal propulsion solution for this vessel segment that has an operational profile with a large variation in which the operating time is divided between standby mode and full operation mode with very different needs for power," says Mr. Saetre. "The two-speed gear system enables optimum driving in both positions, which gives a very environmentally friendly and fuel-saving operation, says Kristian Saetre. Scana Propulsion signs additional contracts:

Scana Propulsion has also entered into agreements with Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted for the supply of gear and propeller system with remote control for a fishing vessel to the shipowner Straumberg. The equipment will be delivered in January 2013 and is a diesel-mechanical system, type ACG68/680.

Another recent Scana Propulsion contract from Danish shipyard Vestværft covers the supply ofa gear and propeller system with remote control for a fishing boat for the shipowner Einar Erlend. The equipment, a type ACG 62/450 diesel mechanical system, will be delivered in February 2013.

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