LNG bunkering vessel system wins LR Approval in Principle

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 — Classification society Lloyd's Register (LR) has granted South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) approval in principle (AiP) for a cargo handling system design for a 6,600 cu.m LNG bunkering vessel.

HMD and the Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Corporate Research Center jointly developed the cargo handling system design based on their extensive experience of building gas carriers. HMD chose to develop the LNG bunkering vessel design because of the potential for growth in the LNG-fueled ship sector.

The cargo handling system is designed for LNG bunkering to a LNG-fueled ship, as well to supply fuel gas to the dual-fuel main engine and to manageg boil-off gas (BOG). The cargo pumps are capable of bunkering at a maximum of 1,100 cu.m/h to a LNG-fueled ship and fuel gas to dual-fuel main engine can be supplied by BOG compression or LNG vaporing. BOG returned from the LNG-fueled ship during bunkering can be burnt in the dual-fuel engine or collected inside the Type C cargo tank.

Insulation for the cargo tank is designed for lower BOG generation. BOG generated from the cargo tank is less than the fuel gas consumption of the main engine at the normal continuous rating. This means that all BOG can be utilized by burning in the main engine so that the cargo tank pressure and temperature can be managed in a stable manner.

An HMD official said: "HMD and the HHI Corporate Research Centre expect that a cargo handling system for larger LNG bunkering vessels and LNG carriers can also be developed based on this approved design for a 6,600 cu.m LNG bunkering vessel".

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