Graig takes delivery of handy size bulker newbuild

Graig-Cardiff-alongsideJULY 26, 2012 — Cardiff, U.K., based Graig Group has taken delivery of the the first of two Seahorse 35 class vessels building for Graig and partners at Jiangdong Shipyard, Wu Hu, China.

The 35,000 dwt handysize bulk carrier Graig Cardiff is entered into the Lauritzen Bulkers pool and is currently on her maiden voyage from Shanghai to Argentina. Her sister vessel, the Graig Rotterdam, is due for delivery later this year. Both vessels have been constructed under the supervision of Graig China Limited and will be managed by Graig's ship management divisions in Cardiff and Shanghai. Both vessels will operate with a full Chinese crew.

Hugh Williams, CEO, Graig Group, says, "This delivery is a significant step in our phased reinvestment into shipowning. We are confident that the design is economical and practical for charterers, we know it is well built because we supervised it ourselves and we are confident in our Chinese crewing and management operation which are delivering excellent results in service for the Chinese-owned vessels we already manage. We believe this and its sister vessel will deliver value for money in the charter market."

Graig Cardiff has been designed to provide economical and efficient operation, environmental friendliness and maintenance, safety, loading flexibility and shallow draft. The cargo capacity is divided into five flush double skinned cargo holds with wide hatches and no hopper tanktops, ensuring easy access and cleaning. The hatches are served by four 30 tonne SWL wire-luffing cargo cranes and remote- controlled grabs.

Short turn-around time is achieved by effective cargo hold cleaning by portable washing machines. Outlets of water and compressed air are arranged in all cargo holds at tanktop-level. A permanent washing water return line is arranged in each cargo hold at tanktop level. Two cargo hold washing water holding tanks arranged for temporary storage enable cargo hold cleaning in sensitive and restricted areas.

The complete double-skin configuration ensures easy access for structural inspection, even when the vessel is loaded.

A slender after body and a high efficient propeller ensure optimal performance with minimum fuel oil consumption. A vertical stem is designed to improve the fuel efficiency in adverse weather conditions. Frequency-controlled SW cooling pumps reduce power consumption by 70 percent and waste heat recovery on two of the three generators obviates the need to run the boiler when slow steaming.

Principal dimensions

Length OA 180.0 m Breadth 30.0 m Scantling draft 10.1 m DWT at scantling draft 35,000 tonnes

The vessel is propelled by a MAN B&W 5S50MC-C engine giving a loaded service speed of 14 knots and consuming 25 tonnes per day.

There is a total crew of 21. The vessel is DNV class and flies the U.K. flag.

Graig has active ship management divisions in Shanghai and Cardiff and has unrivalled experience working with Chinese shipyards. It has built for its own account or advised on and supervised over 130 ships in Chinese yards and currently manages a number of vessels built in China for different investors.

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