Majestic Fast Ferry takes delivery of 39 m high speed cat

Majestic Dream Majestic Dream

JULY 18, 2017 — Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd , which operates vessels between Singapore and Batam, Indonesia, has taken delivery of another Incat Crowther-designed high speed catamaran.

Built at Majestic's Batam shipyard, Majestic Dream is the first of a new class of fuel-efficient 39 m HSC compliant passenger vessels.

Majestic worked with Incat Crowther to develop a cost-effective vessel that offers comfort, performance and fuel consumption superior to that of the competition. This cooperation earlier saw the construction of a trio of 33 m vessels; Majestic 7, Majestic 8 and Majestic 9.

Since introducing the catamaran service, Majestic Ferries has grown its market share, triggering the commissioning of additional vessels to a larger design.

Majestic Dream is the first of these higher capacity vessels. With an extra 1.5 m beam and 6 m more length, Majestic Dream has a passenger capacity of 317.

In a similar configuration to the 33 m vessels, Majestic Dream features toilets aft and midship boarding doors and adjacent luggage storage, with all passengers on a single deck. Unlike the 33 m vessels, however, Majestic Dream also has a pair of VIP rooms featuring private accommodations in larger seats.

Fitted with MTU 16V2000 M72 main engines, Majestic Dream achieved a loaded speed 32 knots on trials and cruises at speed of 28 knots at less than 85% MCR. The vessel is fully compliant with the HCS Code.

Majestic Dream will be joined by a sister ship later in 2017, with further vessels under construction.

Length Overall 128' / 39.0m
Length Waterline 127' / 38.7m
Beam Overall 32' 10" / 10.0m
Draft (hull) 3' 10" / 1.16m
Draft (prop) 6' 8" / 2.03m
Depth 10' 8" / 3.25m
Construction Marine grade aluminum

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