Horizon Shipbuilding eyes new opportunities

Horizon's shipyard facilities Horizon's shipyard facilities

APRIL 12, 2017 — Horizon Shipbuilding, Bayou La Batre, AL, is bustling with activity. Vessels for for NYC Ferry are being quickly delivered, large AST tugs are being built and launched and vessels of all sizes are cycling through weekly for refurbishment and refit.

"Our company's diversity allows us to manage multiple projects at one time," says Horizon's owner Travis Short. "We are a true full service builder. Steel, fiberglass, aluminum, small boats and large boats…we have the capability to do it all."

Now Horizon sees another market opportunity opening up.

In 2009 FEMA, through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, began aggressively funding state, municipal and county agencies with Port Security Grants to buy vessels for protection of critical maritime infrastructure. These boats have been used extensively for long hours and many are in need of refurbishment and overhaul. Mechanical systems begin to wear out, technology has advanced or the existing boat's mission has changed. The cost to the public to refit, refurbish or convert these vessels is only a fraction of the cost to buy new.

"Many of these First Responder vessels were specifically purchased because of their durability and extended lifespan," says Lance C. Lemcool, Vice President of Horizon's West Yard Operations. "Horizon Shipbuilding has a successful history of refitting and refurbishing vessels, small and large. We have the facilities, people and the expertise to refurbish boats back to new condition or even make major conversions to improve the capability of the boat."

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