Wison unveils versatile LNG distributor design

APRIL 11, 2017 — Shanghai, China, headquartered Wison Offshore & Marine has developed the Wison-LNG-Distributor (LNGD). With a capacity range of 5,000 cu.m to 20,000 cu.m, the vessel integrates the functions of LNG loading, bunkering and container delivery, which could make regional LNG redistribution more affordable and efficient.

While conventional LNG carriers are designed to load, transfer and unload full cargoes between two terminal points, Wison's LNG Distributor has been purposely designed to distribute partial loads to coastal areas in regions such as the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Northern Europe.

Being designed to operate at a shallow draft of 4.5 m, the LNGD can deliver cargoes in areas that LNG carriers with similar capacity cannot access. The vessel's azimuth thruster propulsion system provides superior maneuverability that eliminates the need for tug assistance.

The vessel has a bunkering arm, facilitating a quick connection with the receiving facility and a short turn-around time. The loading arm will connect to the receiving unit's manifold, eliminating the need for a hose transfer system at each receiving point. In addition, the vessel has been designed with a large open deck, serviced by a crane. This area can be used to deliver general supplies and parts.

Uniquely, the vessel has the ability to deliver full and pick up empty ISO containers for inland trucking. Empty containers can be filled onboard through a refill station.

Mr. Cui Ying, CEO of Wison Offshore and Marine said, "Our LNGD solution will become a key enabler for small-scale FSRU and FSRP development in the areas that are either inaccessible or too small to be commercially feasible served by a large-scale floating unit or land facility."

The vessel is also seen as an ideal LNG distribution solution for near-shore LNG milk-run deliveries in some locations that have restricted access such as shallow rivers and harbors.

In addition to the newly launched LNGD, Wison offers a full scope of small-scale LNG distribution product lines.

"By dedicating to the development of cost-effective and innovative products across the LNG value chain, we're tailoring solutions to various demand scenarios and clearing roadblocks for LNG distribution to end markets that remain untapped," said Mr. Cui.

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