MHI-MME delivers its 30,000th MET turbocharger

MHI-MME MET turbocharger MHI-MME MET turbocharger

MARCH 8, 2017 — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME) last month achieved the delivery of its 30,000th MET turbocharger.

Initially developed in 1965 using the company's our own technology, the MET turbocharger has been continuously evolved to respond to the needs of engine technology providers.

Currently, the MET turbocharger line-up consists of MET-MA/-MB (axial type) for two-stroke marine propulsion engines and MET-SRC series (radial type) for four-stroke main and generator engines.

Around 2,000 units per year of these products have been delivered recently.

Axial MET turbochargers are licensed to three major engine manufacturers in Korea.

The MET turbocharger has about a 40% share of the two-stroke marine propulsion engine market and is mounted not only on Mitsubishi two-stroke engines but also on MAN Diesel &Turbo SE and Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. engines,

Delivery of radial type turbochargers has also increased over recent years to become a major part of the MHI-MME turbocharger business.

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