VesselsValue: 2017 to see record OSV deliveries

VesselsValue: 2017 to see record OSV deliveries VesselsValue

MARCH 8, 2017 — Figures from VesselsValue indicate that the oversupply of vessels in the offshore services industry is set to get a lot worse.

VesselsValue says that 2017 will be a record year for the number of OSV vessels (AHT, AHTs and PSV) scheduled for delivery fron shipyards. '

There are currently 450 OSV to be delivered in 2017.An additional 15 have already been delivered. This brings the total number of OSVs scheduled for delivery in 2017 up to 465. In 2018, only 6  are scheduled for delivery.

Looking at who is currently expecting deliveries, Malaysian owners have the largest number of OSV vessels currently on order and two Malaysian companies top the list of those worldwide with the highest number of OSVs currently on order.

The top is Nam Cheong International, which currently has 56 vessels scheduled for delivery. This is double the second ranking owner, Coastal Contracts, which has 28 OSV vessels on order.

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