DHT board rejects unsolicited Frontline offer

FEBRUARY 6, 2017 — Tanker owner DHT Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DHT) reports that its Board of Directors has unanimously rejected Frontline Ltd.'s (NYSE/OSE: FRO) unsolicited proposal to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock in DHT for a per-share consideration of 0.725 Frontline shares.

After a comprehensive review, conducted in consultation with its financial and legal advisors, the DHT Board concluded that the Frontline proposal is "wholly inadequate and not in the best interests of DHT or its shareholders."

"We believe that Frontline's proposal substantially undervalues our company and represents an opportunistic attempt to acquire DHT at a low point in the cycle," said Erik Lind, Chairman of DHT. "We are confident that DHT will generate significantly more value to shareholders as an independent company than the prospects afforded by this proposal."

In making its determination, the DHT Board considered, among other things, that:

The execution of DHT's strategic plan will continue to drive significant and sustainable value for DHT shareholders; and

The Frontline proposal would not properly value DHT's contribution to a combined company and would result in unacceptable dilution to DHT's shareholders.

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