Austal delivers 40 knot W2W crew transfer cat

Pacific Kestrell Pacific Kestrell

NOVEMBER 21, 2016 — Singapore headquartered Swire Pacific Offshore has taken delivery of the high speed crew transfer vessel Pacific Kestrel.

Designed by Incat Crowther and constructed by Austal's shipyard in the Philippines, the 40 knot, 57.6-m all-aluminum catamaran is capable of safely transporting 90 personnel (plus cargo) to offshore platforms up to Sea State 6 (defined as Very Rough conditions with wave heights between 4 m to 6 m).

The vessel is a highly efficient alternative to fair-weather dependent helicopters, replacing comparatively more expensive helicopter transfers from early 2017

The Pacific Kestrel features an Ampelmann motion-compensated "walk-to-work" (W2W) gangway that allows for the safe transfer of personnel to offshore platforms. Aided by a DP-2 (Dynamic Positioning) control system, the vessel has built-in redundancy to successfully complete transfers in the unlikely event of an engine or bow thruster failing.

In addition to a large, 200 sq m cargo deck allowing up to 100 tonnes of cargo to be transported, the vessel also has Search and Rescue capability (SAR), with an on-board Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) available for rapid deployment and a chemical dispersant adding oil-spill 'first response' capability.

The main deck cabin houses individual reclining seats for 90 personnel, with luggage racks and a medical treatment room. Forward of this cabin is crew accommodation, consisting of galley and mess, laundry and access to the hulls.

The mid deck houses a further 10 cabins, all with bathrooms. The wheelhouse is situated on the third deck, with forward and aft control stations and a ship's office. All accommodation spaces comply with MLC 96 / ILO 92 guidelines.

Featuring Incat Crowther's proven semi-SWATH hull form, the vessel is fast and efficient. Fitted with a powertrain consisting of four MTU 16V4000 main engines, driving Hamilton HT810 water jets,

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