USCG issues RFI for polar icebreaker program

NOVEMBER 1, 2016 — The Coast Guard released a request for information (RFI) for the polar icebreaker acquisition program last week. The request seeks feedback on the program's notional acquisition approach and schedule, and includes a draft statement of work for industry studies on heavy polar icebreaker technology risks, sustainability, producibility and affordability.

The Coast Guard requests that respondents submit a plan of action and milestones for meeting the acquisition program schedule and identify risks and potential opportunities to accelerate the heavy polar icebreaker acquisition.

The RFI also includes a draft statement of work for future industry studies that will inform efforts to promote affordability and minimize risk.

The deadline to submit responses is Nov. 10, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time.

Following the completion of the industry studies, the Coast Guard plans to release a request for proposals for detail design and construction of a heavy polar icebreaker in fiscal year 2018. The service plans to begin production activities in 2020. The RFI can be found here

Design and Construction Contract: The program intends to have a separate full and open competition leading to a single U.S. shipyard being awarded a contract for design and construction of all of the Heavy Polar Icebreakers (one contract with option CLINs). The program is considering requiring, as part of the technical portion of the proposal submission, a mature design of sufficient detail to demonstrate: ship size, hull form, weights, displacement, ice breaking and open water propulsion powering, ship service electrical capacity, speed, range, endurance, stability, seakeeping, maneuvering in ice and open water, and detailed costs to support award of a design and construction contract.

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