New Miami-Bimini high speed ferry service is up and running

Fjellstrand-built cat makes the Miam-Bimini trip in two hours Fjellstrand-built cat makes the Miam-Bimini trip in two hours

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 – FRS Caribbean, a subsidiary of German based FRS Group, has introduced a new high speed ferry service between Florida and the Carribean.

FRS has deployed the High Speed Catamaran San Gwann on the route. Delivered in 2002 by Norwegian shipbuilder Fjellstrand, the catamaran makes the crossing in just two hours. Carrying up to 427 passengers in comfortable seats, it has a bar-counter on both passenger deck and a duty free shop

FRS Caribbean, which is based at Port Miami, Terminal H, started the services last Friday, September 23, offering day trip prices starting at $69.98 plus taxes and fees.

"These are exciting times for FRS, as we are thrilled to expand our North American operations and to continue with our future growth plan," said Götz Becker, CEO of FRS. "We are sure that with this vessel, we will bring the highest standards in service and safety to our customers, providing them with a relaxing and convenient way of traveling."

In January 2016, FRS acquired a majority interest in Clipper Navigation, Inc. based in Seattle, WA.

Globally, FRS currently operates 62 vessels and carried 7.6 million passengers and 2.1 million vehicles last year on national and international ferry lines.

The group includes 24 operating subsidiaries across Europe, North America, North Africa and the Middle East, with more than 1,500 employees.

Its fleet includes RoPax ferries, passenger ferries, high speed catamarans for vehicles and passengers, crew transfer vessels for the wind offshore industry, hovercraft, water taxis, and electric-powered solar ferries.

Additionally, FRS provides port management and operation services worldwide.

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