Vigor to unveil new freezer longliner design

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 — Vigor will unveil an affordable new 142 ft Freezer Longliner designed specifically for North Pacific fishing at this year's Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, WA.

The design is based on a classic, proven design by Marco Marine a leader in reliable fish boats for a half a century. The 142 ft x 33.6 ft x 14 ft vessel has a fish hold capacity of 14,070 cu ft and a bait hold capacity of 1,900 cu ft.

"A new class of longliners is a central need for the recapitalization of the North Pacific fishing fleet, but to get these vessels built fishermen need to know they can depend on the design—and it better be affordable," says Keith Whittemore, Vigor Executive VP of Business Development.

"That's why we began our design process by acquiring the exclusive license of a Marco design that has successfully fished the North Pacific for more than two decades," he adds. "Then we collaborated with current longliner operators. Working with the original designer, we elevated that design to take advantage of advances in technology, efficiency and safety. We didn't set out to design a Lamborghini. Operators wanted a reliable work-horse. This design is more like a heavy duty pick-up truck. We think it's the right design for the North Pacific Longliner fleet."

Vigor will complete and vet the production engineering of the vessel prior to starting production and create an efficient production line for fabrication.

"Serial production on a line is the key to a cost effective build for customers," says Mr. Whittemore. "If you want to hold price down this is the way to do it. Operators get that and we've had great feedback on the design and the build plans."

The shipbuilder says that highlights of the Vigor Longliner include:

  • Excellent, proven seakeeping characteristics and fish-ability
  • High construction quality due to complete engineering and supplier support
  • Operationally efficient
  • A design engineered for low maintenance
  • Improved crew accommodations and comfort
  • A design focused on safety
  • Cost-effective production

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