Three Boston Harbor Cruises vessels involved in allision

WCBV-TV Boston footage showed damage to Regency's windows WCBV-TV Boston footage showed damage to Regency's windows

AUGUST 13, 2016 — A Coast Guard investigating officer and a marine inspector were responding to an allision Saturday afternoon involving three Boston Harbor Cruise vessels.

No injuries or pollution have been reported. At about 10:20 a.m., the Coast Guard was notified that the Boston Harbor Cruises vessel Regency had allided with two other Boston Harbor Cruises vessels, the Rookie and Aurora at the pier.

Regency was returning to Long Wharf with passengers when it reportedly suffered a mechanical failure and drifted into the two other ships. Rookie and Aurora had no passengers aboard at the time and did not appear to be damaged.

Regency reported minor damage above the waterline.

A Coast Guard investigating officer is investigating the cause and a Coast Guard marine inspector will inspect all three vessels prior to them returning to service.

CBS Boston reported that "the Regency’s captain was unable to disengage from forward propulsion on the outboard starboard engine as he approached Long Wharf. The problem was caused by a malfunction in one of the boat’s four engines. As a result, the Regency collided with two other boats, Rookie and Aurora."

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