Shipping performance benchmarking project passes 1,000 ship milestone

Captain-Kuba-Szymanski-hsCaptain Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General of Intermanager, says that a shipping performance benchmarking project started by the ship managers' association is making "excellent progress."

The Shipping Key Performance Indicator Project, initiated by InterManager but now administered by the independent KPI Association Ltd., has passed an important milestone with performance statistics from more than 1,000 vessels now being put into the project's website – enabling the KPI system to produce informative and meaningful performance measurements .
Captain Kuba Szymanski, speaking for the KPI Association, said: "This is excellent progress for the project and indicates a great deal of industry involvement and support. By collating performance data from a wide range of shipping companies we are able to calculate key performance indicators to enable benchmarking against industry averages. The more information we have the more accurate these indicators are which will help to ensure the standards within our industry are kept high."  
Started by InterManager, together with The Norwegian Research Council , Marintek and Wilhelmsen ASA, the Shipping KPI Project  developed standard tools for measuring companies' and vessels' performance. Now established as the independent, not-for-profit KPI Association Ltd., the project is working with a wide range of industry stakeholders and aims to develop a standard for ships' performance measurement that is common to the industry.
The data that each company inputs are completely confidential and cannot be accessed by any other user of the service. However, the combined data enable the KPI Project to calculate industry averages to enable companies to benchmark their vessels' performance.
The KPI Project is a voluntary industry initiative that:

  • provides user-friendly tools that can identify areas to focus on for internal performance improvements in companies that operate ships
  • provides an effective communication platform of ship operation performance to internal and external stakeholders
  • increases transparency on quality, safety and environmental performance in ship operation
  • enhances governance in ship operation  

The KPI Project is now aiming to include 2,000 vessels in its database by the end of 2012.
April 12, 2012

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