Kamat introduces Ship Hull Crawler

AUGUST 3, 2016 — Based on many years experience supplying shipyards worldwide with cleaning equipment, Kamat GmbH & Co. KG, Witten, Germany, has developed a new system for automated cleaning and paint removal of ship hulls, tanks and other steel structures.
The Ship Hull Crawler (SHC 3000) is designed for high pressure water blasting at pressures up to 3,000 bar. It is held by magnets and maneuvered by a remote control system that also controls its rotating nozzles.
The Ship Hull crawler moves pneumatically with chain drives. Cleaning of surfaces requires a higher unit driving speed than paint removal.
The combination of the pneumatic chain drive and the solid magnetic adhesion allows precise movement of the Ship Hull Crawler on smooth surfaces at different speeds. It is also able to travel over openings and edges of the steel surfaces as well as moving in a close radius. KAMAT says that even overhead-work is possible.The SHC 3000 will be on display at next month's SMM event in Hamburg, Germay

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