ClassNK issues new guideline on noise levels code

MAY 24, 2016 — Classification society ClassNK has released the second edition of its Guideline for the Mandatory Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships.

The first edition was issued in July 2014, when the Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships became mandatory, to provide the industry with a summarized outline of the code, a general method of noise prevention and FAQs. The second edition takes into consideration recent R&D results and the results of discussions held at the 95th Session of IMO's Maritime Safety Committee.

Based on R&D outcomes from a project carried out through ClassNK's Joint R&D for Industry Program, ClassNK now treats bulkheads and decks including steel plates of a thickness of ≥6mm as having a weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of 35dB, the level required between cabin to cabin by the Code, which will streamline the design and construction process.

The Guideline for the Mandatory Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships (Second Edition) is available on the ClassNK website for ClassNK "My Page" users. Registration is easy and free: go to and click on "My Page Login".

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