DOT seeks less funding for Marad in Budget request

maradsealThe U.S. Maritime Administration sees its funding further reduced under the Administration's 2013 Budget proposal. The President is requesting $344 million for FY 2013, compared with $365 million funded in 2011 and $349 enacted in FY 2012.

Operations and Training: The President requests $146 million, $10 million below FY 2012 enacted levels. Within this amount, $77 million is requested for the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) at Kings Point, N.Y., and $16 million is requested for the State Maritime Academies (SMAs). For the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy's Capital Improvement Program, $10 million is requested for Midshipmen barracks renovations.

Within Maritime Operations and Programs funding, $3 million is included for continuing the environmental program aimed at addressing marine transportation environmental sustainability and energy impacts.

Assistance to Small Shipyards: No new funds are requested for this program.

Ship Disposal: The President requests $10 million for the Ship Disposal program, $4 million over FY 2012 enacted levels. This includes $7 million for obsolete fleet disposal efforts and $3 million to support custodial care of the N.S. SAVANNAH

Maritime Security Program: The President requests $184 million for the Maritime Security Program (MSP). This amount, together with $2 million in unobligated balances, will maintain the 60 ships enrolled in the MSP program at the $186 million authorized level. The MSP program supports a US flagged fleet capable of supporting U.S. presence in foreign commerce while also ensuring the military's ability to obtain assured access to a sufficient number of commercial vessels and mariners. Maritime Guaranteed Loan Program (Title XI): The President requests $4 million for administrative expenses, consistent with operations needed to continue to increase efficiency in monitoring the program

February 13, 2012

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